Warmth for Logan
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One of the interesting things while planning for Logan has been the special gear we had to get for it. Logan is know to be extremely cold place which definitely creates certain requirements. In sort most of the “special” stuff have been the extra warm stuff. Here’s a short round up to my warm stuff for Logan.

Picture above: Some of our head gear

Down gear

Kind of obvious. You need plenty of it. In addition to sleeping bag and jacket, there’s a need for down pants, camp booties, mitts and jacket. All of mine are made by Valandré: Odin sleeping bag, Immelman jacket, Oural mitts, Olan booties and Baffin pants.

Face protection

Extreme winds combined with cold requires pretty trough face / head protection. I will be using Untraced Backbrez mask and Thermarider hat together with Spy Soldier goggles. While these will provide 100% protection, I’m a bit worried about the ease of breathing with the mask on as well as condensation. However as the mask warms up the air, it should compensate the ease of breathing quite a bit. Furthermore warming up effect of in-hailed air should make a big difference in terms of warmth.


I’m skiing up with Dynafit ZZero4 C-TFs. I’m using the standard Palau liner, though my colleague has resorted to the Intuition Pro Tour liners. In addition we’re wearing Fortybelow Fresh Tracks over boots – a really crucial addition to warmth in cold conditions. One of more curious additions are the Exped VBL socks (VBL = Vapor Barrier Liner), which will keep the boots dry. As they’re a bit uncomfortable (like standing in a knee deep in sweat) I’m not yet sure if I’m going to wear these through out the expedition. I will start with them in any case. Closed cell foam should stay warm even when a bit wet and there’s always the option of keeping the boots on while sleeping.

A few more gear images:

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