Reusable shock absorbers (screamers) and ice screws with replaceable tipsMonday, February 7th, 2011 with 7 Comments »

Some time ago I bumped into rumor about screws that have replaceable tips. As everyone knows there’s hardly anything more frustrating than a dull screw on a difficult climb. Besides it’s always the one that ends up to your hand whenever you’re in a really difficult spot desperately needing a fast protection… the one you […]

Climbing in extreme cold conditionsTuesday, January 6th, 2009 with Comments Off on Climbing in extreme cold conditions

Saturday was modest, just about -25, but on Sunday it got colder. The lowest figure we had was -29.5 (measured on our car’s thermometer few kilometers away from the spot), it were most likely even colder down on the bottom of Korouoma canyon. As many of you may know cold makes climbing difficult.